Your Embodied Business: Signature 6 Month 1:1 Business Mentorship

Where Implementation Meets Mentorship

Your Embodied Biz is a 6 month deep-dive + high touch program for the entrepreneur looking to activate deeper clarity in their brand & business.

Over the course of our program together, we will define your business vision, co-create your visual brand identity, and build out your backend.

Client Love

“You have helped me bring my soul’s purpose into this world- you helped me give it legs, a name, a beautiful space to live. 

In this way, you have given me the opportunity to live out my mission and THAT is the best gift I’ve ever received. Thank you for holding me with compassion and leading me with strategy…Your mentorship is what every business owner needs.”

A comprehensive & hybrid approach to high level mentorship

In this program, you will:

>> find power in your story, refine your messaging and learn to create magnetic content

>> land on your pricing, programs, and develop your offer/product suite

>> receive a fully refreshed visual brand AND website

>> build confidence in your special sauce and move through blocking beliefs & conditioning

>> feel fully supported with back pocket accountability

>> experience having a partner in your business – day in and day out. Let’s walk through the fire together, bb

I am going to take you on a journey from "I don’t know what my next move is or how to grow my business”...

…to “holy crap, I’ve turned my soul’s purpose into an ACTUAL business with a strategic business plan, authentic brand identity, solid offerings, stunning brand photos, and my first ever aligned clients – which all happened while honoring my own inner intuition.”

Your Embodied Biz: Welcome Video

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6 Month Mentorship Program

Your Journey Includes:

Client Transformations

In 6 months Sami helped me create everything that is now Rooted Sanctuary - a brand with colors, font, archetypes, & so much more.

“She also guided me through the development of my programs and offerings like my 1:1 mentorship and private + corporate yoga experiences. In case that wasn’t enough, Sami created the framework for my entire website including a blog and multiple web pages. AND she flew to my home for the most empowering photo shoot of my life. Her wisdom and approach were invaluable because she understood what it meant to create + work from the heart and soul.”

– Nelya Binder | 6 Month Coaching Client

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Hey there, my name is Sarah Ball. I am the Ceo and founder of Hormone Goddess and I've been working with Sami for the past year. One of the most beautiful lessons that I've learned from being in her space is that my business gets to grow as I grow.

“And throughout this process of rebranding and doing photo shoots and my website, she’s held this beautiful space for me to allow that next level to just expand and come to life.”

So we originally started working together in the form of a photo shoot in Charleston and it was like everything I have ever wanted…times TEN. I wouldn’t have even been able to imagine what came to life based on the work that we did together from like the colors and that energy and just the locations to how she brought that to life was just unreal.

When I got those pictures back, I knew that I really chose the right person to work with. Not only is she an incredible photographer and incredible at what she does. She’s also just such a warm, amazing soul who is just so intuitive and just so much fun to hang around with.

And so from there I decided I’m her client for life, friend for life and I want to continue to pursue this work with her.

So I decided to do my website and this was in the middle of a rebrand. A lot of inner development and her growth was happening and she held such a beautiful space for me through this process to really allow those new perspectives and new messages and new insights to come to light.

Not only are you getting a photographer, an amazing, amazing designer, you’re getting a beautiful heart centered coach throughout this process and not only has my business elevated, but I have elevated myself as a person.

I am thankful to Sami for just allowing me the space to do this and really guiding me back to my inner wisdom, back to my intuition and what feels really, really, really good for me and my brand and how I want to bring this into life.”

– Sarah Ball | 6 Month Branding Client

Your Embodied Business is TRULY holistic in nature.

Between high level coaching, hands on brand support, a complimentary brand shoot in Sarasota, FL, a whole bank of resources and reflections, and MAJOR savings on a Release & Activate retreat…

I want to help you FLOURISH and create a business that supports your most desired and aligned lifestyle.

This program is like nothing else out there. Let’s just say that you aren’t coming out on the other side with the same business, brand, or relationship with self that you have right now. Are you ready for the transformation?