Siesta Key Beach Brand Shoot with Lauren Hearn

Scope of Project:

“Make it go away.”

That was my first thought upon hearing my 4:55am alarm singing gently in my ears a few weeks ago.

(Yes, I have my phone set to that gentle tone that slowly intensifies. I like to be softly brought into each new day, please and thank you!)

I had stacked my week with THREE sunrise shoots (meaning 4:55am call times) AND leading an in person workshop for ten people.

I hadn’t had a busy week like this in a while, and I felt a little nervous that my body or anxiety would struggle with the intensity…between multiple shoots, daily coaching calls, prepping client deliverables, and leading a workshop.

And as much as my initial thought was “Oh, hell no…”

Suffice to say…It will ALWAYS be worth it to take on the thing that you’re resisting the most.

You will ALWAYS feel better when you are brave — when you get out of bed, when you open yourself up to the adventure, the project, take on the hard workout or the hard conversation or that new networking group, that date, retreat or whatever it may be — you’ll always feel better. More accomplished. Proud of yourself. So be brave. Say yes.

I simply cannot wait to lead more sunrise shoots (future me, peaking out with one eyeball from underneath the warm covers is HATING me for putting this out into the universe)…but seriously, I mean it. Want to meet me at the beach eaaaarly in the morn and be captured under the divine transition of sunrise? Inquire here.

I am so glad I got the opportunity to create another Sarasota brand shoot experience with Lauren Hearn of Spacious Sol. We brought in even more diversity with our locations this time around — we played in the water at Point of Rocks, she led a healing session on a friend at Wisdom Wellness Care (the beautiful indoor space pictured below!) and we frolicked in the enchanting forest of Red Bug Slough.

This highlights how much VARIETY IS KEY for your brand shoot. As you scroll through the gallery below, notice the diversity in expressions, backgrounds, lighting, and props. This is what makes a brand shoot different than simply getting your headshot taken!

I believe that headshots are a great solution for real estate agents, financial advisors, and actors — people that have to give a “it’s all great!” feeling to their clients.

For many of my clients, however, a big ole smiley headshot doesn’t really fit the bill. Lauren is a DEATH DOULA, for Christ’s sake!

So if you are a wellness practitioner or a coach who supports people through the tough stuff in life — divorce, death, job loss, anxiety, relationship changes, health changes etc… and especially if YOUR story is not all chocolates and roses…

A comprehensive brand shoot is a spectacular opportunity for you — a chance to demonstrate the breadth and depth of your story…to celebrate how far you’ve come and the beautiful places you are going.

Enjoy the gallery of Lauren’s brand shoot below…and message me about which photo is your favorite and why!


Lauren Hearn is the Founder of Spacious Sol. Offering expansive support and empowered navigation through life, death, grief, and burnout.

After years of observing burnout in the healthcare system as a Nurse Anesthetist, she made it her mission to offer a safe space for patients and providers to be seen and heard. A space to be validated in their experience, to feel deeply supported, and encouraged to develop a deep connection with their own inner wisdom.

Find her at or on Instagram.

In front of the camera: Lauren Hearn, End of Life Doula, Healthcare Healer Consultant, and Conscious Breath Guide. Photographed by Sami Hobbs, Sarasota Brand Photographer. Lauren Hearn is a current mentorship client, and the co-leader for Luna Sisters Rising, a monthly community wellness gathering in Sarasota, FL.

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