Sunrise At The Beach Mini Shoot With Doula Lauren Hearn

Scope of Project:

Lauren and I have the funniest meet-cute story ever.

We met waiting at the SRQ airport…three years ago, when I didn’t even live in Sarasota!! I was still living in Brooklyn, NYC at the time, and after our initial connection we didn’t truly reconnect until late 2022 after I HAD officially moved to Florida.

Over the past few months we’ve created a beautiful + multi-faceted relationship. We are co-creators of a Sarasota community circle called Luna Sisters Rising, soundboards for each other as we both develop our separate businesses, and most importantly we are friends.

My intention with our Sarasota-based mini shoot was to capture Lauren’s deeply kind-hearted and loving nature. As a nurse anesthetist, sacred end of life doula, yoga teacher, and breathwork teacher, Lauren infuses every. Single. thing that she does with so much devotion and warmth. It truly blows me away.

We spent a sunny (albeit slightly red-tide infused) morning shooting around Nokomis Beach and Lauren’s beautiful ocean-side neighborhood. Following a drop-in on the beach, she swirled and twirled in a beautiful white dress as the sun rose. We then transitioned to some comfortable gear for yoga photos and wrapped up with photos around her airy and plant-filled home – and of COURSE we had to include Abby, Lauren’s golden dog child…Or should I say, Abby HAD to include herself in the photos! ❤️😂

ENJOY + bask in Lauren’s warm heart!

In front of the camera: Lauren Hearn, Sacred End of Life Doula, Breathwork Facilitator, and Nurse Anesthetist | Founder of Spacious Sol


Lauren Hearn, a nurse anesthetist and founder of Spacious Sol, is a healthcare professional, sacred end of life doula, and enthusiast of lifelong learning, growth, and expansion. She loves to explore all things mind, body, and soul and nurture her connection to the planet and source.

After years of observing compassion fatigue and suffering from it herself, along with disconnection in the healthcare system, she made it her mission to offer a safe space for patients and providers to be seen and heard. A space to be validated in their experience, allowing them to set foot on a road to self-discovery and deep inner knowing.

She journeyed down this path as well and discovered inner wisdoms and truths that were longing to be exposed. Her healing journey has led her to host healthcare worker support groups, women’s circles, and hold space for those struggling with terminal illness and those exhaling their last breath.

Through yoga, somatics, meditation, pranayama, breathwork, and so many other healing modalities, she has learned to be a conductor in her life and enabled others to do the same, to discover the power within that is always present. She recognizes the light and answers we seek are always within and it is our birthright to activate this true nature of oneself.

She enjoys bringing the sisterhood together in hopes for every woman to remember we are never alone, and we are always supported. She is a huge animal lover and has so much joy knowing these circles will help our furry friends to get another chance. She is grateful to be here and looks forward to meeting you.

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