Release & Activate New Year Retreat Recap

Scope of Project:

“In order to see your future, you have to feel your past”- Carly

It takes a special person to be willing to confront themselves – to openly explore their tender edges, for days on end alongside a group of near strangers. To be willing to say, “yes, this thing is tricky/challenging/I don’t wanna…but I will anyways. I WILL move through this. I WILL do this thing that scares me.”

So to each of the women that came to our Sarasota Retreat and did just that, thank you. Ciara, Eliza, Lauren, Shannon, Carly, and my co-host Jennica – I love you!

Release & Activate returned to the Tampa Bay area for our THIRD retreat – 5 spectacular women joined Jennica and I for a weekend of collaboration, laughing, and connecting in Sarasota, FL. We built a sisterhood so fast that it honestly blew us away!

A few notable quotes:

“The possibilities that we are all so close to and sitting on…it’s all so possible”

“Celebrate your suffering, but don’t get lost in it”

“Did you know…laughter and play increase your neuroplasticity?” 

“The universe caught me”

“What if your business could be a conduit for coming home to yourself and exploring your identity?”

And a few notable journal prompts:

How can I be kinder to myself in 2023?

Who and what are the people/things that do not deserve my loyalty?

You are the top 3 places of tension in your business?

Where can you embody playfulness, joy, and childlike wonder in your business?

A few beautiful people that have come into my life this past year are: _____________.

Here are a few experiences that changed me this past year (experiences I never could have imagined I could make happen!): ______________________.


Your Inner Wisdom.

Interested in the next Release & Activate experience?

Join us in Joshua Tree!

Dream up the next version of you, your career, your business, and your LIFE while held by fellow passionate and powerful women and surrounded by the spectacular views of Joshua Tree National Park.

Join us in Joshua Tree, CA for our FOURTH Release & Activate Retreat — because there is truly nothing more powerful than coming together in person to support one another and grow as a collective.

In front of the camera: 

Lauren Hearn, Sacred End of Life Doula, Breathwork Facilitator, and Nurse Anesthetist + Founder of Spacious Sol

Eliza, Nature + Travel Photographer

Ciara Mckinzie, Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner

Jennica Jackson, Community Builder, Chef, and Van Lifer

Carly Loewenthal, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner + NLP Life Coach

Shannon Rose, Digital Nomad, Reiki Practitioner and Virtual Assistant

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