Brand Development and Website Design​

Heart-centered brand development for your blossoming business

Brand programs with Your Inner Wisdom are designed to help you:

🔥 ditch the endless hours in fitzing in Canva, Squarespace, or other online tool that’s sucking up all your time

🔥 find power in your story, refine your messaging and learn to create magnetic content

🔥 share your website with everyone from your closest friend to tomorrow’s client with major confidence

🔥 reclaim your time so you can focus on what YOU do best

🔥 AND approach your business with newfound direction and clarity, kickass branding in tow

Invest in more than design; invest in your brand's soul.​

Together, we’ll create a brand and website that not only looks stunning but speaks your heart’s language. As your dedicated designer and coach, I bring intention, love, and a hands-on approach to every detail — which means a brand and website that resonate deeply with your audience, leading to increased engagement, trust, and ultimately, revenue. Your investment in branding + a functional website today paves the way for a profitable and purposeful future!

Explore the Ways I Can Support You


Brand Beginnings

8 sessions focused on Branding Basics, Brand Development, Social Media Guidance, and Basic Brand Direction
$ 799
  • Guidance with Color Palette + Typography Selection
  • Business Card Design
  • Social Media Templates
  • Support with setting up a link page
  • Moodboard and guidance with visual elements (graphics + patterns)
  • Brand Messaging Guide
  • Guidance on initial steps to introduce your brand to the world


Brand Brilliance

Whether you are starting from scratch or are pivoting an existing brand, Brand Brilliance is built to elevate your reach and impact with a comprehensive approach that addresses every touchpoint of your client or customer experience.
$ Starts at 4k
  • Complete Brand Identity Kit (logotype, color palette + typography selection)
  • Business card design with multiple variations PLUS other marketing materials
  • Social Media Templates
  • Full Website Design and Development (responsive development, custom graphics, images and visual elements)
  • Brand Messaging and Positioning (In-depth exploration of your brand's core message)
  • Guidance on aligning your brand voice across platforms.
  • Hands-on Launch Strategy and Support (Initial Marketing Strategies + getting website up and running!)


Brand Audits

In one 90 minute session we'll uncover what makes your brand + social media shine and identify areas for growth, ensuring that every element resonates authentically with your vision.
$ 120
  • Comprehensive analysis of your existing brand identity, visuals, and messaging
  • Messaging Analysis
  • Assessment of your website, social media profiles, and any online marketing materials
  • Audience Alignment Check (How well your brand aligns with your target audience's needs and preferences)
  • Actionable Recommendations + Personalized Roadmap
  • Q&A and Discussion (Time for you to ask questions and discuss your brand's future direction)

Okay...But What Even is a Brand Anyways!?

I’ve worked as a brand designer for health + wellness practitioners for several years – and I can tell you one thing. Your brand is everything, and nothing, all at once.

You could have a beautiful color palette but if you’re unwilling to actually talk about what you do, how is anyone supposed to know about your new venture?

Our core beliefs and our trust essence become our branding. To have a powerful business and brand, you need to get radically honest about who you are and what you want, and get tapped into your vision.

This is what brand development with Your Inner Wisdom will help you with. I take that essence and translate it into a visually impactful brand and website — cause that’s where the magic really begins.

From Vision to Reality: Unveil Your Brand's Brilliance

Branding programs with Your Inner Wisdom are transformative experiences that help you uncover your innermost truths and infuse them into your brand. This is a journey of self-discovery with design as the powerful medium.