Brand Shoot with Therapist Lori Streator on Bradenton Beach

Scope of Project:

Lori is SUCH a beautiful and giving person. Here’s a perfect example of the care she brings to her work:

In our initial conversation during our pre-shoot planning session, I shared about an analogy I often use with clients — something I like to call a Meerkat Moment (it’s the moment someone resonates HARD with something you are sharing and they have a somatic reaction like the perk up or their eyes get wide) and low and behold…

I arrive on our shoot day and there’s a MEERKAT STUFFED ANIMAL waiting for me in her car 🥺 She gifted me a Meerkat!

See below — Moment the Meerkat getting loved on by my kitten, Gouda. (Gouda looooooves Meerkat lol!) Lori also loaned me a few of her therapy books that I’ve now been enjoying over the past few weeks.

Planning the Shoot: Intention is Everything

On to the BTS of planning our shoot!

Lori and I met face to face for the first time at a Starbucks in Lakewood Ranch for her planning session, which is where we discussed details (like outfits, locations, and props) and identified themes + intentions for her photoshoot. I include this session in all of my photoshoot packages because it sets the stage for a successful shoot that delivers exactly what the client desires!

In our planning session, Lori and I agreed that we wanted to capture the supportive and compassionate essence of her therapy practice as well as celebrate Solaire Therapy’s first year in business here in Florida.

As a result, we chose two serene and nature-filled locations: Bradenton Beach + (after a lot of research on both our parts!) a beautiful, light filled AirBnB that featured all of her brand colors. The beach reflected Lori’s emphasis on the restorative power of connecting with the natural world and the AirBnB offered a serene indoor location to represent the environment she creates for her clients. We wanted the outfits to exude the right blend of professionalism and casual warmth, so Lori came prepared with a mix of blazers, jeans, and athleisure. Finally, since Lori is the host of the Let’s Talk About it With Lori Streator Podcast, we had her bring her podcasting materials and microphone, on top of other props like mental health books, tissues, and notebooks.

The Photoshoot: Capturing An Array of Emotions

As I shared in a previous blog post about a photoshoot with a Death Doula, diversity in the emotions behind your photos is KEY! Unless you are a real estate agent or a financial advisor, having a bunch of smiley photos most likely isn’t going to fit the energy of the support you provide or where your clients currently are emotionally, physically, and mentally.

This is why I guided Lori to convey a variety of emotions throughout her photoshoot — this variety illustrates the vulnerability, introspection, and growth that takes place within therapy as well as the transformative power of being supported by a compassionate and heart led therapist.

The photos we captured beautifully merge the worlds of therapeutic care and visual storytelling and radiate a sense of empowerment and healing. Whether it’s capturing the feeling of a breakthrough moment or a tranquil image of Lori immersed in a mindful moment on the beach, each frame tells a story of resilience and positive change. These visuals are a testament to the profound impact therapy can have on individuals’ lives and now serve as a visual bridge, inviting her community to embark on their own journey towards mental and emotional well-being.

In front of the camera: 

Lori Streator, LMHC, CBC, cH.t — Owner + Therapist of Solaire Therapy & Wellness, PLLC. Lori is committed to providing the most supportive, effective, client-centered counseling.

From the Solaire Website: “Solaire Therapy, PLLC is rooted in creating positive & lasting change and energized by improving our clients’ quality of life. We’re here to help you better understand your thoughts, feelings & behaviors, and how they relate to your current struggles. Together we’ll work to improve your mental & emotional well-being so you can live the healthy, happy life you desire & deserve. We’re conveniently located in Bradenton and also provide telehealth services across the state of Florida.”

Lori is now offering Anxiety Intensives which you can book here.

“Anxiety Intensives are a powerful way to provide significant progress in a condensed amount of time and help clients accelerate the progress they’d receive in typical weekly therapy sessions.

An Anxiety Intensive is a highly individualized accelerated type of therapy. It’s similar to having your own, tailored-to-you, personal retreat! Because this is a premium service, you’re provided with everything you need to prepare for the intensive, as well as a post-intensive session so you feel confident & supported in your journey.”

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