Anything But Ordinary Mini Shoot With Leah Brown, LMT

Scope of Project:

Leah provides Trauma-Informed Integrative Bodywork, Massage Therapy, and holistic services to the Sarasota + Tampa Bay area and founded ABO Holistics (Anything But Ordinary!)…which is EXACTLY the vibe we brought to our mini brand shoot.

Leah and I connected through a holistic group on Facebook and shot together on December 3, 2022 in the lush garden of a Sarasota-based therapist’s office (the same office I used to go to therapy for many years ago for my all-consuming OCD. Such a wild full circle moment!)

Surrounded by trickling waterfalls and soft afternoon lighting, I laid pillows for us on the ground and led a meditation prior to starting the shoot – I always do this because I understand how dysregulating photoshoots can be. I often witness my clients…well, leave their bodies the moment they step in front of the camera. (More on this phenomenon with Caitie Corradino, Registered Dietician and Body Image Coach during my interview on her podcast, Whole, Full and Alive)

This is why last year I started to infuse meditations, affirmations, and breathing into these experiences to help my clients connect with their bodies and feel into the grander perspective of it all – that this experience is an opportunity to practice their regulation tools, to love on their bodies, rise above societal expectations and instead practice truly accepting themselves, and focus on their WHY above all else.

Leah, of course, supports her clients with all of these things and more. I had the opportunity of connecting with Leah in person prior to our shoot for our pre-work session, and she gifted a 30 minute session with her so that I could fully understand the magic and medicine of her bodywork before capturing it with my camera.

Well, it worked. I brought all of my pain and fears to the table, and Leah treated each tender spot with such attention. She shared the most beautiful perspective about my chronic pain that still knocks around my brain like a calm palm tree in the winds of a hurricane: “your body is not dysfunctional. It is just not working as intended.” The reason that that reframe is so important is because “dysfunction” often becomes a label and an identity for people…whereas “something working slightly out of the ordinary” is just a normal part of life, something you can work on with the right tools and support.

I am so grateful that we connected, and I am thankful for Leah’s willingness to tag me in photo jobs all around Sarasota on Facebook. She’s a real supporter and obviously loved our experience together. After her photo session with me, Leah took to social media and shared: “Get yourself a Sami Hobbs. You won’t be disappointed.”

And to you, dear reader, I say:
Get yourself a Leah Brown. You’re gonna love it.


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In front of the camera: Leah Brown, Founder of ABO Holistics + LMT

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Leah Brown, LMT is the real deal.

As a trauma survivor herself, creating a judgement-free, safe, self-care space for trauma survivors has always been on her list of life priorities. Believing that everyone deserves a chance to participate in their holistic wellness journey through alternative trauma therapy options, she created this anything but ordinary experience for people just like you. Over the years, she’s worked with many trauma resources to truly understand that there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to therapy. As a former Family Partner of the University of Oklahoma’s Child Study Center, she has worked closely with the National Child Traumatic Stress Network to unlock inner child awareness in trauma survivors. 

Additionally, she worked with the OUCSC team to create a Patient Partnership Board in 2012, giving a strong voice back to the patient. Unlike traditional talk therapy, she has cultivated her skills, experiences and education to bring a truly extraordinary array of services to build a treatment plan that works best for each person as an individual. Working with Leah, you will be a participant not a patient in your total holistic wellness journey. Plus, it definitely helps that she’s just as weird and awkward as you.

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